Top 10 academic things I did in 2011

  1. Began my new faculty position at NYU-Stern
  2. Co-authored my first book with Marjorie Vai – Essentials of Online Course Design
  3. Taught Electronic Communities to Stern Langone students this summer with 9 course clients!
  4. Took a group of NYU students to Panama for a study tour of small businesses, entrepreneurship, and real estate
  5. Developed a new course for Stern undergrads (Electronic Communities). Teaching it in the spring
  6. Developed a new course on Data Visualization. Teaching it sometime… 
  7. Worked on a new master’s program for NYU Shanghai with lots of amazing folks @ Stern 
  8. Developed and taught a workshop on Creating Effective Visuals for Stern faculty
  9. Took a great course @ Harvard on DataVis
  10. Wrote a paper on creating effective assessments for online courses for Sloan-c, co-authored a case study with my husband, was part of a joint paper with Ted Bongiovanni on case studies, and gave several presentations on social media (BlogWorld/Social Media Week).
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