Top 10 academic things I did in 2012. I organized them into my four key interest categories: Online learning, Panama, Social Media, and Data Visualization

Online Learning

1. Co-authored my second book with Ted Bongiovanni: The Savvy Student’s Guide to Online Learning and presented the concept for the the book at the Sloan-c conference.

2. Co-presented with Aswath Damodaran about Open and online education at NYU Stern.


3. Coordinated the Encuentro Internacional de Negocios Conference at Universidad Latina de Panama and delivered a presentation entitled “Investing in Panama”

4. Co-authored a case study with Harry Chernoff: Reengineering world mobility: The Panama Canal effect.

Social Media

5. Delivered several presentations about social media at  NYU Stern’s Building Bridges: From high school to B-school program, Business Access Media Conference, and in Fundamentals of Interactive Multimedia @ NYU SCPS

6. Enhanced my eCommunities course to include start ups from Shark Tank include Villy Customs, Ava the Elephant and more!

Data Visualization

7. Attended a great conference on Big Data @ MIT.

8. Delivered a guest lecture in Data Visualization in Practical Data Science @ NYU Stern

9. Developed a MBA level course in Data Visualization.

10. Learned how to program in Python

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One thought on “2012 – Top 10

  • May 14, 2013 at 2:10 pm

    This is an interesting way of thinking about and organizing accomplishments. I wonder if you used the same broad categories to plan the year out as goals or you discovered these categories afterwards.

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