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Customized Onsite Workshops

Schedule a customized onsite data visualization workshop for your large organization or small group. To book email me.

Live Accelerated Online Training

Schedule a live online training for your company. Select from the design, presentation, or software and tools series. To book email me   

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Design Series

  • Design for Data Visualization
  • Selecting the Right Chart Type
  • Visualizing Time Series, Categorical, Geospatial, and Multivariate Data
  • Animated Data Visualizations
  • Interactive Data Visualizations

Presentation Series

  • Telling Stories with Data
  • Using Data Visualizations in Presentations
  • Creating PowerPoint Presentations that Rock

Software and Tools Series

  • A Survey of Data Visualization Tools
  • Introduction to Programming in R: Parts 1-3
  • Creating Data Visualizations in R: Parts 1-3